Grand Bazaar

As I wrote in my previous post, I had a trip to Istanbul some time ago. Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a fascinating place. This photo is taken in open part of the Grand Bazaar which is on the ways that ends to 
the Grand Bazaar building. All the way there are shops side by side, you cannot find a centimeter that is not used  for selling their goods. The part in this photo has only clothing shops and it is a big sea of colors.

Light and contrasts of this location made taking the photo challenging with a single shot. Too bright sky and sunny areas on one side and shadows on another side. Using gradual ND filters, bracketing or HDR could be the way to go, but I didn't do that due to limitations and I only took a single shot. Then I tried to fix it in post processing. 

A sad thing has happened to all my Istanbul travel photos during the files transfer. I have lost the original quality of the RAW files :-(( . It means that RAW files are available to me with only 1632x1080 pixels instead of 7630x4912 pixels, reducing the post processing quality with a great extend. Puff! Sigh! And I figured it late when I had no more the originals on my SD card. This problem was due to the use of older version of Nikon Transfer software.
 So, if you are using Nikon Transfer software or you plan to use it
  • make sure to launch Nikon Transfer from View NX2 or Capture NX2 file menu.
Finally, here is the photo:

Photo from Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey